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Kodwo Eshun: Mark Fisher Memorial Lecture

In the wake of Mark Fisher’s death, I’ve found Kodwo’s recent work on interpretive communities incredibly compelling. Not least as a means to understand what it is about Mark’s work – his way of working – that draws me (and so many others) into these “wars of interpretation whose aim is to intervene in culture.”…

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Last night I watched Modulations: Cinema for the Ear by Lara Lee. The documentary tracks the evolution of electronica in the 20th century starting from Russolo, Stockhausen and Kraftwerk. The film shows what electronic music was like in 1998, and what it might become.     Although Modulations does a decent job of showing musicians…

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Vibrational Affect

This is the second in a series of posts concerning the theories of what Jonathan Sterne would call ‘sound students.’ This is my humble attempt to grasp the (no-longer-so-)budding field of sound studies and develop a theory of sonic affect. A few weeks ago, Steve Goodman visited Copenhagen to talk about Sonic Warfare and his…

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